Terms and Conditions

Purrs and Furr Cat Grooming


1. Your cat must be deemed as fit and healthy for the grooming session.  All vaccinations complete and a veterinary health check has been carried out on your cat in the last 6 months.  For cats over the age of 12 years this veterinary check must have been completed in the last 3 months.  Many things can change in a cats health and they hide illness well.  These dates will be added to your signed consultation sheet showing you agree to these terms.  The owner takes full responsibility for ensuring that the cat is in good health for the grooming session and provide a full medical history on registration.  All allergies and medications must be declared for the records.

2.  All bookings made must be held by my minimum service fee of £55 as a booking fee.  On receipt of a bank transfer to Purrs and Furr Cat Grooming, your booking will be confirmed.  If this Booking fee is not received within 48 hours from agreement, this booking will be made available again in the diary for other clients.  This is a non-refundable booking fee.  The fee will be moved to a change of date if adjusted within 48 hours of said booking.  If a session is stopped and incomplete due to cats behaviour or health needs, this booking fee will not be refunded. It is deductible from the total cost on the day.

3.  If you wish to cancel an appointment, you must telephone at least 48 hours in advance.  Emails/texts will not be considered for cancellations as error can occur in delivery.

Your booking fee is non-refundable.  You may rearrange your appointment and your booking fee will go against a new appointment if arranged  up to 48 hours before original booking.

4.  Matts in the cat’s coat – Purrs and Furr Cat Grooming is not liable for the skin condition under the matt and any veterinary intervention required to treat it.  Please read The Shaving form and or The Lion Cut form thoroughly. Please ask queries before the appointment day to be answered.

Matting takes weeks or months to develop, and fleas can nest under the mats which can lead to skin conditions which will need treatment.  A de-matting/shaving policy is in place.  Whilst every care is taken when shaving a cat’s fur, there is the risk of skin nicks, particularly in elderly cats, with thin papery folds of skin. Cats over 15 years of age must be seen by your vet for shaving.

5.  De-matting and detangling matted hair will cause changes to the appearance of your cat and its coat.  There is an additional matting fee charge applicable for removing larger matts or larger areas of matting with shaving. Shaving can be a less painful way to remove these areas for your cat.  As the owner you agree to this charge.

This work will be close to the skin and expose pre-existing skin conditions beneath the matting to which you the owner take responsibility to seek veterinary treatment immediately at your own cost for any such conditions. Purrs and Furr does not take responsibility for what may or may not be beneath the matting.

As the owner you agree to this.

6.  Matting and Pelting can vary in severity and will incur a charge applicable to the level of matting. This will be discussed at the initial assessment.  This may appear during the groom to be more severe than expected.  You as the owner accept this as it is hard to clarify the severity on external inspection of the coat and can be hidden. Matting that is very close to the skin is slow and patient work to remove safely. You will be charged based upon the time used to remove the pelting. You as the owner agree to pay all said charges before collection of your cat.

7.  If I see a rise in challenging or aggressive behaviour during the groom that puts risks to the cats health or the groomers health, the groom will be stopped immediately, even in the event that the grooming is incomplete.  This will include shaving work that is incomplete.  You the owner will be notified immediately and asked to collect your cat.  There will be a minimum charge of 50% of the agreed charge.

If there is a low to moderate level of challenging behaviour that does not risk the health of the cat or the groomer, there may be an additional charge added if the groom takes longer than discussed in the assessment. You will be notified of a delayed pick up time if such a situation occurs and it could incur added costs. These costs can be found on the Purrs and Furr Services page on the website.

8.  Heart conditions or heart murmurs, hyperthyroidism and other serious health conditions of your cat must be declared with a written letter from your veterinary surgeon declaring that the cat is fit for grooming sessions.  Increased stress or heart rate can affect these conditions and this could occur on travel to cat clinic before treatment has begun.  Hyperthyroidism effects skin and coat conditions.

9.  Cats over 12 and cats with heart conditions cannot be bathed. Only a dry grooming session is available to these cats, for which written clearance for the grooming procedure from the veterinary surgeon must be received first. These cats must have had a health check within 3 months of the grooming session.

10.  Grooming sessions will be stopped immediately if the cat becomes highly anxious, displays panting or appears very unhappy. If the cat is only half groomed, the client accepts that the cat will be sent home regardless, as each cat’s welfare and health is the top priority. The client will be phoned immediately and asked to collect their cat. The fee will be charged will be at a minimum 50% of the agreed charge.

11. If a cat really becomes too uncomfortable or is moving so much that this presents a risk of cutting skin, the grooming session will stop. This includes leaving any unfinished shaving work. The safety of your cat is top priority. The minimum charge in these circumstances is a 50% charge of the agreed charge.

12. A veterinary Air Muzzle is used in circumstances where the risk of the groomer being bitten is high. Cat bites contain high levels of bacteria. Such a muzzle is safe and allows full visual checking of the cat’s breathing and anxiety levels.

13.  All cats are required to have their claws trimmed for the safety of the groomer. If you do not wish for your cat to have trimmed claws I will be unable to perform a grooming session for your cat.

14.  In the event of injury or any health concerns for your cat, you authorise me to call your vet or another vet as necessary. The owner is responsible for all costs that may occur as a result. If your cat shows any health concern signs, the groom will be stopped and you the owner will be called immediately. If I am unable to contact you, I will call the number you list as your emergency number. This may cause a groom to be incomplete, including any shaving work that I am unable to continue or complete. The minimum charge is 50% of the agreed charge.

15.   I clean in-between every cat with professional grooming anti-bacterial disinfectant. Tools are cleaned and disinfected between every use. Clean uniform is worn between each cat to protect against cross infection.

16.  I cannot groom a cat with cat flu until declared healthy by their vet. I also do not groom cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV), infectious diseases.

14.  Payment will be made in its entirety including any additional costs mentioned above by cash or my Credit card facility.  All cats grooming sessions must be paid in full on collection. Any deposits will be taken off the total cost.

15.  All cats must be collected at the agreed collection time.

16.  Changes since Covid-19 :

There is no one to one, face to face contact since the Pandemic. All consultations will be carried out by video on WhatsApp prior to your booking.

All forms must still be completed in full and placed in a plastic sleeve. Place this inside your cats carrier.

Do not place any blankets, toys or such like inside your cats carrier. One cat per carrier.

A puppy pad may be used for your journey but it will be disposed of immediately on arrival.

Your cat carrier must be of the solid type so that it can be efficiently wiped down with an antibacterial wipe before arrival. I will wipe your carrier down again at the end of the visit before returning your cat to you.

No physical money can be used. All monies are by bank transfer. Please tag your payment with your surname and pet name.

You will be sent an email with a clear Handover Protocol to agree to prior to your appointment.

You must not attend if you have symptoms of Covid virus, have tested positive for Covid virus or had Covid virus. I have read and understood the terms and conditions for grooming cats at Purrs and Furr Cat Grooming and agree to the grooming session proceeding according to these terms:

Please download a copy of the terms and conditions form to print your name, date and sign for your next booking.