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Welcome to Purrs and Furr Professional Cat Grooming Services

23rd March 2020

As I am a member of The Pet Industry Federation who work with Defra recommendations, I have closed for business temporarily due to Coronavirus threat until we are advised otherwise for safe working practices. I am available to do free consultations via video or phone and available for advice until such time. I have a list to add people to if you wish. Please feel free to call.

I offer high quality care and professionally trained grooming for your fluffy babies from regular grooms, to the more difficult matting in long hair breed cats. I have been trained in cat whispering, essential when working with cats. I also have a high level of knowledge in cat behaviour and specialist cat handling techniques to offer calm, safe and ethical cat grooming sessions. It is a specialist area of training vital for happy cats and beautiful end results. I only use cat specific grooming tools. It takes a special and dedicated person to complete the training which is very tough. I loved it from the moment I began.

I recently trained with The National Cat Groomers Institute of America in Arizona furthering my knowledge. I am now qualified as a Certified Feline Master Groomer under NCGIA authority as well as my U.K Feline Master Cat Groomer qualification. I am a current member of The National Cat Groomers and also The Pet Industry Federation.

Offered in a special space that is just for cats, safe, clean and happy. No dogs have been groomed here, so your cat will feel content and safe throughout the session. There will only ever be your cat in being groomed and always by myself. It is within my home so I can control the environment best for cats.

I am trained specifically in cat grooming, this includes fear free handling to keep a cat calm and feeling safe. Cats breed coats have got longer and thicker being either double or triple coated. They are difficult for owners to manage and prevent matting. Just like we have our regular appointment with the hairdresser, cats need their’s too for their little spa date. I have worked with Maine Coons, Birmans, Persians, Ragdolls, Domestic Longhair and shorthair cats. Also older cats who need help staying clean and non-greasy to prevent skin conditions and matting developing. I have helped lots of these cats too.

I do not diagnose any conditions, this will be for your vet to check out. All cats must have had a health check by their vet in the last 6 months. A happy healthy cat lives longer, which is what we pet lovers want the most. Groomed cats are cuddled more in fact due to less molting and suffer less fur balls which can cause sickness. Also your furniture suffers less!

The benefits of a professional cat grooming session are:

  • Head to toe checks
  • Cleanliness of your cat
  • Pleasurable hugs with your cat as you do not get covered in fur or claws caught on clothing
  • Safe claw trimming prevents damage to sofas, furniture and clothes which can pull and hurt your cat
  • Early signs spotted of ticks or fleas which all outdoor cats are exposed to
  • Helps older cats stay odour free, matt free, clean and happy as they become less flexible and mobile with age

Name: Sonia
Address: Featherstone Grove, Great Park Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
Email: info@purrsandfurrcatgrooming.uk
Phone: 07481826911

I don’t offer mobile cat grooming for a very good reason. In your home I am the stranger and cats use Lion pride behaviour and are more unsettled. They know where all the hiding places are and will constantly try to get to one. When at my cat clinic room, on the grooming table they are still because like visiting the vet, its a different environment and nothing to get into and all their senses are working out the environment. They relax more quickly and don’t have owners to act up to, a bit like children do. I hope this explains my reason, it’s how I was trained in London by a very experienced tutor. There are many videos on my social media of how happy the cats are at my cat clinic.