Full Professional Cat Grooming Service

Based in Gosforth serving Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas

Ideal and best for Cats with: dirtier coats, matting, dandruff or older more odoured Cats. Also after Lion cut which is necessary

There are services available for both Longhair and Shorthair Cats. All cats must have seen their vet in the last 6 months for a health check and have current vaccinations up to date before a grooming session will be booked (proof must be provided to add to your forms):

  • Trim claws
  • de-shed dead hair using correct tools for Cat Grooming or Shave Matts or perform Lion cut for severe Matting or Older Cats
  • Add on Shaving Matts, Sanitary Trims or perform Lion cut for severe Matting
  • Apply any necessary High Quality Products to degrease the coat when necessary
  • Bath Cat in High Quality Whal / Chubbs Shampoos to coat and skin type as necessary
  • Clean Eyes
  • Clean Ears
  • Hygiene areas Cleaned
  • Thorough Blow Drying of cat with “Catty Shack Vac” specific Feline containment dryer.
  • Paw fur and coat shape trimmed where needed.

Your cat must arrive in a solid plastic carrier that can be wiped down due to Covid-19. A strict Handover Protocol is in place which will be emailed to you prior to your visit. No person is allowed into my premises at this time.

If your cat has had a vaccine or booster injection, you must wait two weeks before a grooming session.

You may wish to bring your cat just for Claw Trimming. This is suspended until further notice due to less visits being allowed and trying to fit full grooms in.

Lion Cuts are available for very matted cats. A bath is recommended with this service and included in the price. Extreme pelts and matting may incur an extra charge but will be discussed on inspection of your cat.

There will be an additional cost if fleas or ticks are found during the groom as I need to treat the room and tools with Frontline Homeguard Insecticide to prevent any risk to other clients cats or my home. This will be done before another cat can come into the facility.

All appointments require a non-refundable booking deposit to secure your booking paid within 24 hours or it will be given out to another client if no response to the reminder. Cancellations must be by phone call. A cancellation fee must be paid to make future bookings.

Price Menu1st Appointment4 Week Schedule6 Week Schedule
Lion Cuts£95£75£85
Comb Cuts£100£85£90
Seperate Claw Trim£10£8
Large Cats Over 5Kg+£5+£5+£5
XXL Cats Over 9Kg+£10+£10+£10
Additional CostsLowModerateHigh
Sanitary Trim£10
Full Belly Shave£15
Challenging Behaviour£15£20
Soft Paws (Front Only)£20with a Groom £15
Soft Paws (Front and Back)£30with a Groom £25
Degrease Small Areas (Ears, Chin, Tail)£10£20£30
Degrease Full Body£10£20£30

Purrs and Furr Forms download:

Please click the links below to open and download the forms. Fill out, sign and bring with you to the grooming session.

Cat Consult – November 2020

Cat Shaving – November 2020

Elderly At Risk – November 2020

Terms and Conditions – November 2020

For a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and ask questions about Professional Cat Grooming please contact myself on 07481826911 or Email on

Methods of payment are cash, BACS transfer and credit card / debit card on collection.

There is a reduced schedule price available for cats on regular visits. Also multiple house cats are offered reduced price appointments when visiting together.

Name: Sonia
Address: Featherstone Grove, Great Park Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
Phone: 07481826911

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No longer an aggressive cat and loves being groomed.
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